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Metasonic automates business processes at Bauer Media, adding flexibility



October 22, 2014 

The business software of Metasonic GmbH builds on an existing SAP system to automate the complex workflows of publisher Bauer Media in Russia

The Bauer Media publishing house, a Russian subsidiary of Bauer Media Group, uses up from now Metasonic Suite to automate its contract administration processes. Specifically those administrative workflows create a versatile communication among employees. Because these processes change very quickly, the media group looked for a simple, efficient tool for automating its own business communications.

The Metasonic Suite business software gives Logika BPM, a partner of Metasonic in Russia, an innovative solution for its portfolio that is easy for staff to understand and operate on their own. The Bauer Media Russia publishing house has a workforce of about 300. It publishes more than 70 magazines that collectively boast a circulation of roughly 21 million readers. For its controlling, bookkeeping, accounting and sales operations, Bauer Media relies on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system from SAP. According to Logika BPM, when business processes have to be adapted quickly – preferably by the employees involved in the processes themselves – the system soon reaches its limits. It reportedly does not deliver the desired flexibility because it is too complicated and laborious to implement, and consequently that makes it too expensive.

Metasonic Suite now acts as a platform for automating and modifying coordination processes. It is based on the subject-oriented business process management (S-BPM) method. "The software makes do with just five icons," emphasizes Metasonic Managing Director Herbert Kindermann. "It is designed to let each employee to define his or her workflows quickly, cost-effectively and without error and to enhance and change them flexibly again and again." To do this, Metasonic relies on standards already existing at the company and integrates functionalities such as those from SAP without any problem. That allows the cumbersome SAP environments to be streamlined to a considerable degree. Another essential advantage is the way that every process model created can be executed directly as an application.

Musa Monams, managing director of Bauer Media Russia and initiator of the project, highlights this advantage. "The most important aspect for me is the simplicity of the BPM tool and the way users can change the processes themselves. I see Metasonic Suite as a 'lightweight system' that allows process automation from the lowest level upward. The 'heavyweights', on the other hand, prescribe a single way for the process to run. Another advantage is the way that Metasonic works in unison with the SAP ERP system. That allows us to automate 'hidden' business processes."

"This is Metasonic's first deployment in Russia, and we are very satisfied with the outcome of the project," says Maria Kamennova, managing director of Logika BPM. "Not only are the automated process results visible as early as the prototype stage – so it is not necessary to wait through a six-month development phase – but after jointly developing the process model with the S-BPM method, the staff show more respect and understanding for one another."

"Metasonic enables any company to automate at least twice the number of processes possible with conventional methods, using the same amount of resources," says Kindermann. The processes automated in Metasonic have high flexibility and allow the company to respond quickly to market changes. This also gives the company the data necessary for precise decisions. "We are pleased that Bauer Media is well on its way to becoming a flexible company, and we believe that it strengthens the company's market position."


Metasonic AG, fundada en Alemania en 2004, ofrece un software empresarial vanguardista que con usabilidad y simplicidad proporciona agilidad a las actividades empresariales, y permite que los usuarios de negocio diseñen fácilmente  sus propias soluciones. Las KPIs se recogen desde el principio. Mediante una arquitectura sólida, se facilitan los cambios sin límites en pleno funcionamiento del negocio, para reaccionar a las necesidades del mercado más rápidamente que nunca, haciendo a las empresas inmejorables. Metasonic está representada a nivel mundial a través de una sólida red de socios. La suite Metasonic se usa con éxito por empresas de renombre, tales como Audi, NEC, Hitachi y Swisscom.


Allgeier SE es una de las empresas de TI líderes en el ámbito del "Business Performance" (Rendimiento Empresarial): Allgeier combina las ventajas de un proveedor internacional con los méritos de empresas medianas en crecimiento y con retos estratégicos orientados a la innovaciones actuales y futuras, y un modelo de negocio integrativo.

El grupo Allgeier, en fuerte crecimiento, está basado en Munich y cuenta con más de 5.100 asalariados y más de 1.200 expertos IT subcontratados en más de 90 subsidiarias en los países de lengua alemana y el resto de Europa, así como India, Méjico y EEUU.

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