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Enterprise Architecture Matters-Enterprise Modelling and Strategy Planning

Fuente: EbizQ
Adrian Grigoriu

What about a book that is a concise enough and highly visual to guide you through the Enterprise Modelling and Strategy Planning process? What about a reference manual and aide memoire for the  enterprise modelling development?


To model the enterprise, you'd better use a method rather than make things up on the go. A method guarantees results and increases the productivity, predictability, repeatability and reliability of the Enterprise Modelling and Transformation. What would be part of this method though? It is good to have:


1.  an one page generic business architecture so that you understand the big picture, parts and key processes of an enterprise to customise them to create your one page enterprise business architecture.


2. an enterprise modelling framework that determine the key modelling dimensions that will be consistently part of all designs.

The modular enterprise model metamodel that determines the modelling entities and their relationships that each and every blueprint comply with and reuse.


3. a modelling sequence and the models in the sequence, templates in fact, that help you design your various architectures such as Business Processes,  Information, Application...


4. a single page Design, that illustrates the way various models integrate into the Enterprise Model


5. a strategy planning process and framework that illustrate how you start with the enterprise environment and subsequently collect and analyse all information about the context and company to formulate your strategies


6. model development and the enterprise transformation processes to help you step by step develop, transform and assess value returned.


This new slightly over 100 pages book,  The Enterprise Modelling and Strategy Planning Handbook. enables you build your enterprise modelling approach by starting from a framework, generic business architecture, various reference models and architecture principles and development process.

A set of A3 Posters sum up the key modelling aids.


The outcome of the Enterprise Modelling is the Enterprise Model (EM) which is the integrated set of the  various domains blueprints, each further decomposable down to the level of detail required in practice. 

Once compliant with the framework and the one page business architecture, each blueprint will be consistent in terms of components, relationships, I/O, representations and scope and as such shall fit in the Enterprise Model.

The 2D/3D enterprise model design supplied  illustrates the integration of the various blueprints into the overall Enterprise Model. 

The works aligns the definitions of the key enterprise modelling elements such as process, value stream, flow, function, capability, service... and their relationships in the framework context. It also puts right such misinterpretations that Business Architecture is the same as a Business Model or Business Capability map.


While the book describes an Enterprise wide Architecture modelling method, the activity is referred to as Enterprise Modelling to distinguish it from the Enterprise Architecture today which typically covers mainly IT. It covers all tiers of the enterprise. The Information Technology is still in focus though because IT is the common denominator of any enterprise is deeply embedded in the enterprise operation today and core to its digital future.