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12 Real-World Solutions for IoT Analytics
(12 Soluciones del mundo real para la IO Analytics)

Fuente: UP SIDE

Autor:Fern Halper

The Internet of Things -- a network of connected devices that can send and receive data over the Internet -- is a hot market topic. Analysts predict there will be tens of billions of these devices by 2020. They’ll be in your home and in your office buildings; you’ll be wearing them for your health and wellness. They will be in your cars, in factories, and on farms.

These devices are generating a lot of data. On the business front, organizations can use analytics from IoT data to help drive efficiencies as well as increase revenue. IoT analytics will help drive new business models, too. For example, energy companies are using IoT analytics for preventive maintenance to determine when a part will fail. Organizations are using IoT for asset management. Retailers are using IoT and beacon technology to offer marketing promotions to customers when they are in a store. The list goes on.

TDWI research indicates that slightly less than 20 percent of organizations we survey are using IoT and/or machine data today for analytics, and that number is set to double in the next few years if users stick to their plans.

Of course, collecting IoT data by itself is not a path to value. Data must be analyzed and acted upon to drive real benefit. What software vendors today can support IoT analytics? To help those starting on their journey, I compiled this list of real-world solutions for IoT analytics. To make the list, the company needed to meet the following criteria:

  • IoT analytics is a strategic focus (e.g., it is on the company website, in blogs, etc.)

  • The vendor possesses analytics software today that can actually analyze IoT data (i.e., there are named products and/or platforms; the product is currently shipping, not in beta)

  • The company’s solutions are in production at customer sites and the company can provide a customer references/use cases demonstrating current use.

  • The vendor is not a service provider selling a niche solution (e.g., smart pill bottles).

The second criterion is especially important. I’m concentrating on vendors that are providing software and platforms for IoT analytics. This list is not about the IoT network infrastructure or IoT devices. Yes, all of this is needed for an IoT deployment and there are many great vendors supplying this infrastructure. Instead, I’m focusing on analyzing the data coming from IoT.

I had the opportunity to speak to a dozen vendors that fit the bill. I asked the questions; they provided the answers. The vendors are presented in alphabetical order. I will continue to add vendors to the list as they meet these criteria and/or I receive their input, so you may want to periodically revisit this list to see if a new vendor was added.

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