Anyone keeping up with the growing trend towards smart appliances, whole home security systems and updated car entertainment platforms has noticed that we are in an age where the internet is creeping into everything we use. In fact, some would argue, we aren’t far from an internet of humans with wearable technology and other advances in smartphone technology becoming the norm, rather than the exception.

1)    Big Data Analysis

Companies have more data available at their fingertips than ever before. This means that competitive advertising can be more effectively timed and shaped to engage their target market. In addition, this information can be used to improve customer experiences; companies understand exactly what their customers are looking for, when they look for it, and how they prefer to shop for items they need in their daily lives. This information, all freely provided in return for free use of sites like Facebook, Google and Yahoo, forms the cornerstone of the new Big Data Information Age.


2)    Reliability Monitoring

Companies that make items which hold a warranty can better gauge how consumers use their products. This allows for a more accurate estimate of a product’s lifecycle, and the ability to adjust warranties on future products based on hyper-active modeling of current products in consumer’s homes. It’s almost like these companies can monitor equipment or products in your home as easily as they can monitor them in their own test labs. Pretty cool, but pretty scary at the same time.

3)    Heightened Consumer Expectations

Consumers realize that they are providing companies with more information than ever before. Today, this results in customers with heightened expectations of quality, value and ongoing support. There is literally no excuse for companies to miss the mark in established industries, where customer expectations are well understood and established.

4)    Web Presentation

Whether your company is a small, hometown Adventure Park or a Fortune 500 giant, today you’ll find customers expect for everyone they deal with to have a web presence. Even if they’ve seen your store in town, without a website that’s easily accessible via a google search, you’re completely out of luck. Are you competing in the 21st century economy? Put a high-quality image out for your brand or service by trusting a reliable internet marketing firm to develop content for your site. The information is out there, so how will you leverage it to give your company the online image it deserves?

5)    Instant Support and Troubleshooting

Your customers know what’s available to them from your competitors. If something breaks, customers expect you to know how to handle it, and provide a 24/7 method for reaching out to your team of support techs. Without a website designed around solving customer issues quickly, you’ll lose trust of customers who have been treated to a better support experience with other companies. It really has become a “keeping up with the Jones’” moment for companies who deal with consumers. How will you make sure your company stay current in the 21st century marketplace?

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