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Benefits of Modeling your Processes in the Cloud

Fuente: PEX- Process Excellence Network
White Paper

Processes are the nervous system of a company so processes are not just something the business does; processes are the business.
Most businesses have realized that optimizing and automating parts or even all of their business processes saves costs and time. Getting processes ready for your Digital Transformation is imperative, as is the importance of building customer-centric processes into your digital business platform.
Key takeaways in this white paper include:
  • The benefits of a process-driven approach
  • What a process design should have
  • How to design and model processes
  • How to install customers’ interaction into your end-to-end processes
  • The benefits of Business Process Analysis (BPA)
  • Cloud collaborative process designing
  • Building a business model using ARIS Cloud
"Getting processes ready for your digital transformation"










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