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Three Steps to Progress BPM from Project to Program

Autor: IBM



Business process management (BPM) is in a period of transition. For the past several years, companies have been getting familiar with BPM, undertaking specific projects to address “burning process problems” or launching tightly scoped projects to understand the capabilities of BPM Suites (BPMS) and how they should be used.

The successes of those initial projects and pilots have given companies the confidence and vision to take their BPM efforts to the next level—moving beyond that first project to a broader program encompassing multiple projects that are part of a larger business process improvement initiative. That leads to a series of logical questions: What processes should we focus on next? How do we scale the discovery, development, deployment and usage of process applications throughout the company? What are the best practices we should follow to maximize reuse from project to project to achieve economies of scale?

This white paper describes how the movement toward broad BPM programs has changed what companies need in terms of BPM technology and “know-how.” We describe three steps for helping establish a solid foundation for a BPM program that can enable your organization to scale its process improvement capability in a way that is designed to deliver optimal value to the business.

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